Project Types

J&J has expertise in a variety of project types that permeates a wide range of market sectors. We are proud of the depth of skill our company brings to each project, which is further strengthened by the unique talent and experience our individual teams bring to the table. Learn more about the project types we are highly competent in and recent applicable experience.

New Construction

J&J’s experience encompasses a multitude of new construction categories including multi-level buildings, steel frame, tilt-up concrete, and wood frame structures. Frequently the project will include demolition of existing structures and preparation of the site.

Tenant Improvement

The scope of tenant improvements (TIs), or interior commercial construction, is vast and varied and can range from several floors of first-generation high-end offices to paint and carpet upgrades in an occupied space. TI’s have been our lifeblood since 1981. Every tenant improvement is different and has its own set of conditions that need to be planned and provided for. We promise you a highly competent team well versed in the intricacies of your specific project.

Exterior Renovation/Reimaging

J&J enjoys the process of giving a building, or building complex, a fresh start or new purpose through the exterior renovation and reimaging process. This scope of work can encompass façade improvements, historical building preservation, structural and seismic retrofit, roof renovations, as well as landscape & hardscape upgrades and improvements.

Historical Renovation

J&J, as a company with regional roots in Southern California, passionately believes in contributing to our communities through the built environment. We welcome the opportunity to actively participate through the preservation and restoration of historical buildings, while incorporating modern standards of construction with careful processes and procedures.


J&J has become specialized in OSHPD construction through a diverse group of medical networks, particularly in clinic locations throughout Southern California. At J&J, we will provide you with a project team experienced in the nuances of the OSHPD process and requirements.

LEED/Green Building

Recognizing that our industry can have a profound effect on the developed and natural environment, we embrace the holistic concepts of Green and Healthy Buildings. Our goal -always – is to deliver a process and physical environment that mitigates the potentially negative effects of construction while maximizing the lifecycle of a building.

Secured Facility/SCIF

The Secured Facility/SCIF project type is another specific area of construction our J&J team has become experts in over the last several decades, due to the large number of defense contractors in the Southern California region. This type of construction encompasses the design, construction, and operation of a facility to prevent unauthorized access and to safeguard the people, equipment, installations, material and/or documents against espionage, sabotage, damage, and theft. Secured facility/SCIF projects are frequently delivered by a design-build or design-assist method to allow a cohesive approach to the project. Due to the sensitive nature of these facilities, we have not included project photos directly below, but logos of companies J&J is proud to regularly perform work for.

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