One of San Diego’s Preeminent
Female-Owned Businesses

Focused on finding “forever clients.”

Since our inception in 1981, we have completed thousands of projects with a diverse clientele. Over our decades of business, we have strategically expanded our scope of services, markets, and geographical reach.

Today, we are one of Southern California’s preeminent full service general contracting firms, with an industry reputation which endures due to our stellar work, team-centric approach, and proactive customer service. Under the forward-thinking leadership of firm principals Donna Vargo and Naomi Lohnes, we maintain the very highest standards, taking on landmark projects in various sectors and making a lasting impact on our clients, our team, and the community.

Naomi Donna

Every day, we strive to adhere to our strong held principles.

We believe in sharing knowledge, insights and ideas with both our clients and employees. With a work climate of trust and transparency, we support and empower our employees to take responsibility and remain proactive and engaged during the entire process. As a result, our employees share an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion to succeed, and our clients trust us to take on the most complex and challenging projects.