Local Collaborative

Originally designed in 1923 by Hermosa Beach local architect, Richard Douglas King, The Hermosa Beach Metropolitan Theatre has been a historical centerpiece in this Southern California town ever since. When the theatre was purchased by Beach City Capital, they needed a trusted construction partner who had extensive experience in maintaining the historical integrity and details of the building while upgrading the space to modern office standards.

The project scope included the demolition of existing finishes and subsequent build-out of a unique, open office space. The design incorporated the preservation of existing theater elements and historic brick walls with complementary new finishes including polished concrete, glazing storefront offices with glass sliding doors, and modern light fixtures. J&J also demolished the existing plumbing and fixtures, while installing the perfect replacements to meet the new aesthetic. In addition to the new plumbing, J&J also provided polished concrete for the hallways and restrooms, as well as retrofitting the existing walls to incorporate new technologies.


Hermosa Beach, CA

Project Type:

Tenant Improvement
Historical Renovation


Commercial Office

Project Designer/Architect:


Square Footage:

3,800 sf