Dominic Coates

Project Manager

Quick facts:


Palomar College


Public recognition from City of Carlsbad for the Dove Library and the CEO of Tupperware Worldwide for the expansion of headquarters, originally
designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Certified Welder

Community Service:

Faith based building projects in the San Diego area.


An avid fisherman, snowboarder and hiker, he uses his remaining free time to build!

Fun Fact:

I have lived in California, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Brazil and Argentina. I have completed construction projects in California, Texas, South Carolina, Florida and Mexico City.


As a Project Manager, Dominic is responsible for comprehensive preconstruction and construction services including estimating, scheduling and design development. He manages and coordinates different projects, creating and maintaining schedules and budgets and ensuring the accuracy of the project design and quality.

With over two decades of diversified experience in the construction industry, Dominic brings a distinctive approach to the team. His broad experience in the general contractor arena includes serving as an owner, project manager, chief estimator and project engineer. Additionally, he has served as an owner’s representative and tenant construction manager. Dominic’s industry knowledge is further enhanced by early field experience as a tradesperson in concrete and welding.

Dominic’s resume includes extensive projects in commercial office, medical and dental facilities, restaurants and theme parks. Dominic excels in occupied facilities, working hand in hand with clients to master complicated phasing schedules and difficult site logistics.

Notable Project

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